Subconscious Of Variety


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released February 5, 2017

Recorded 2016 - Cal Scott



all rights reserved



UMBAH is an Alien Industrial metal project.

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Track Name: MadEye
crashing waves
born of the solstice

i am mad eye
lucky mad eye
i have the bells
i have the spooks
mad eye
muhaha mad eye
spirit dancer
got my galactic ding dongs
my bloodied lovers
sweet revenant bliss
slippery down, down
i like to disco dance
i like to eat the dust
i felt for fear
i am mad eye
lucky mad eye
muhaha mad eye
spirit dancer
spare me
Track Name: The Butcher
Glanced my own reflection
proud, smart, red fingers
i set you in my sight
i am the Butcher
painted by nature
i'll massage you with my fingers

shall your prey still find room
from which dream
let those who are in favor with
their stars sing a dull tune
hath not in mine eye maybe deceived
i view in thee

skinny fingers
poisened before the mud

i like to eat the maggots
the squiggy ones, yes

your hurtling through life
at a phenomenal speed
buying, buying, buying
like your lifes depend on it
a well programmed species
Japan, North America, England

If thou survive...
this night will come again
conjure before the Gods
Track Name: This Old Piano
Tighten your seatbelt
this is a big heavy one

This day has died, i am sure
i am sure
and now its all catching up
there is vampires in that sea
your a long, long way from home
yes, rip this old piano
its cursed...
it only plays a tune of horror, horror story
it only plays a tune of horror, horror story

we keep going
we confound
near the water
Track Name: Over The Grand Canyon
so i was like trying to jump over the Grand Canyon
on my skateboard
every family has a member like this
hammered, delightfully
so i was trying to jump over the Grand Canyon

the curse
the curse
i converse
the fool has vanished
the hooded toad
be luminous
of the spirits

the phantom rides to the summit
make a visit to the penurious elite
the magnaminous ones
when will this world be new?
pertaining to what?
an ornate dance
for seasoned veterans only
do not indulge the monkey
this turret is going to collapse

its an inexhaustable juxtaposition
the subconcious
its unruly
let's look at these consumate fishy ones shall we?
such horribleness
hmm...perhaps i'll go read a comic book
Track Name: Wayworn and Ragged
how about transmitting some knowledge?
or just sit on a stump

but i am just so wayworn and ragged
noise growing

its dark and cold
this twilight never ends
how many roads do i need to choose from?
why is there no way home?
i am wary seeking
in the flock
below the air
many voyages
as i have left my home
pity me then
wish i were renewed
a victor

shall we ask the cactus?
he is a little withered
but he's not under any illusion
god survive my well contented day
idle ranks remain
present me
the odour of love... is not within my eyes
Track Name: Flamed Trillion
i drive a flamed trillion
its faster than the others
its flames are sub-pheremal

like a hurricane in the air
like a kikboxing Cuckaburra
a long, long, long time ago
to be sure that is not false i swear
i despair
therefore i am
knowing to much
in the wrong place
in the wrong time
...just like a zebra

for my sight
they bow
hand paint it
kiss me
be kind

oh what a depressed skeleton you are
reaming, scalloped, overdomesticated
Track Name: My Verse Astonished
healthy in the mind
the lord of the yellow
ooh, sounds like a fertile escapade
what do you think people?

towards a distant speck
the speck gradually resolves, revolves
because its metaphorically, non-metaphysically perilous
isn't that right exploitatons

Tesalf the Dark One
i'll cosmicly wallop you all
eater of sheep
horns on the beach i'll have

the flies on the moon
no want of conscous
hold it that i call
my verse astonished
give me aid
as your my master now
i vow
i can not boast my silence
sins will die

leaches of the sea
mammoth among the spirits
Track Name: Frozen Fool
Barren wasted
frozen fool
spirits taught
should i despair?
should i grow mad?

oh lazy boy
like a slug in bed
came tripping
time was removed
a bit of diaphinous eq there
birds oversaw their power

with gauranateed teeth
blandness arife
amusing they think it is to whip the servants

towards the mauka
it was stolen

time was removed
Track Name: Subconscious Of Variety
Wanderer, a random desultoror
life totally ferhoodled
the suit of an ingus
an ingus ingus fartus
an ornate dance for the emperor
Scot's Goblin
i'll be a Scot's Goblin
i'll be a giant Utaagaard
i got Lycanthropic Spirits
i'm like a blood thirsty alien
i'm claustrophobic of spaces
i like.... bridges
i live in a mawkish city

such an illogical fantasy
subconscious of variety
horrible now

such an illogical fantasy
subconscious of variety
Track Name: Miss MiniMax
let's head over to the birding camp shall we?
hmm, lets meet Miss MiniMax
its Friday now so its galumphing
i like the sound of that
you heard that gentleman
she said i could be commander of the sloop
ooh... so pentient
best migrate
its magic to fly

your humble as well as brave
bow to me
seek my worship
are you not a hero?
do you not feel safe?
how long have you been this hungary?

that was the Eye of Ruthus
tetragonal non-submissiveness
i'll be your madman
i suggest you dodge and get out the way
study it
Track Name: Flask Of Obliveon
as the flowers blooming at night
as bright as the full moon
brew of the Great Knights
drink from the flask of Obliveon
come back tomorrow
they say the mashed potatoes will be nice
cause its a good day
but the ice-cream will be garbage

i feel like a goul in the fog
my heart is no more
i speak quietly to the rats
and the flock
my passion yet to be born

what are those symbols in the mist?
in the end we wonder why
is that three sugar-lumps?
or eternal anguish?
Track Name: My Horse Is Horrible
face.... the silence
agonsing groan
collapsed on the ground

i' ve got an enchanted blade you know?
its cut many a skull in 2

my horse is horrible
but to me its very adorable
its very cute
its even more healthy that the enchanted horses

i would marry it if i could
i would sleep with its hairy chest
and its foul, foul breath
i might even consider having a baby

gulp at my own reflection
my own virtue
the point of my own existance has been defeated
Track Name: Cracked Skulls
cracked skull
cracked skulls
as silent as...
a shepard lost in war
sweet orphan